Northzen - 27.10.14

Image credit: Tetsuo Matsumoto (https://flic.kr/p/pQdhfp)

If you missed the show last night you can listen again here. Remember, Northzen returns next Monday between 8-10pm on www.shockradio.co.uk


Charity Shop Jukebox - Week 1 - First show back!

Album: Attack Decay Sustain Release
Artist: Simian Mobile Disco
Track List: 01. Sleep Deprivation 02. I Got This Down 03. It's The Beat 04. Hustler 05. Tits & Acid 06. I Believe 07. Hotdog 08. Wooden 09. Love 10. Scott

Bought for: £2.50  
Charity Shop: Oxfam
Location: 23 The Precinct, Cheadle Hulme, SK8 5BB
Co-ordinates: 53.378087, -2.189521

Big thank you to Jamie Glover (formerly of Wavelength) for coming onto the show! Jay picked up the album 'Language. Sex. Violence. Other?' by Stereophonics at the British Heart Foundation in Salford for us this week.


Northzen 2014-2015

Hello everyone! Northzen will be back on the radio with a new two hour slot from 8-10pm every Monday night on (www.shockradio.co.uk). Really excited to be playing you some of the new tunes and to get back to doing one of your favourite features Charity Shop Jukebox. Hope you all can join me!

In the mean time, drop me a line at @NorthzenBlog on Twitter or www.facebook.com/northzenblog and come and join the party.


Glastonbury 2014

One of the best descriptions of Glastonbury I've heard to date was made by my friend Henry as we dragged our tired and disheveled bodies, along with what was left of our belongings, back towards the coach depot that we had entered the festival through, bright eyed and bushy tailed, 5 days previously. "It's just like when Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts," he said, "but we're only here for 5 days." And he's so right. From the beginning of the festival on the Wednesday until it's end on the following Monday, you're exposed to a world that is so out of touch from reality that you can't help but feel that it would take an author with such an abundance of imagination, like that of J. K. Rowling, to dream that world up.

This was my second year at the festival, and I'd been looking forward to it since I'd left the first time. This year was just as good, and although the weather was a bit moody at points, it didn't make much of a difference to the weekend.

Before the festival had even officially began, the Wednesday and Thursday nights had loads in store for everyone who had opted in for the long haul. On the Wednesday night Block 9 played host to the London Underground and NYC Downlow, and on the Thursday I went to see Detroit Swindle, Richy Ahmed and Route 94 play at the Wow stage. When the festival began on the Friday, and the heavens decided to open, I was treated to Blondie, Drenge, Temples, and Haim, before seeing Lily Allen, Elbow, and Arcade Fire play on the Pyramid stage. Both Temples and Arcade Fire being the outstanding performances of the day for me. On the Saturday I saw Warpaint, Jagwar Ma (who were outstanding), Jack White (who was a little less impressive, dragging out every song for what felt like an eternity), Machinedrum, Jon Hopkins, a Disclosure DJ Set at the infamous Arcadia, and A Guy Called Gerald who played at 3 in the morning on the Shangri Hell stage. Sunday was the worst day for clashes for me, but in the end I watched Holly Cook at the ever-welcoming Gully stage, and that evening I headed over to West Holts to see The Wailers, Bonobo and Disclosure, which saw the end of the live music on the main stages at this years festival. I was so happy to finally have seen Bonobo, and he was absolutely bloody brilliant. As well as having a live band on stage with him, a vocalist called Szjerdene provided chillingly beautiful vocals for Bonobo.

On the Sunday night after the headline acts had finished we made the obligatory pilgrimage to the stone circle to watch the sunrise as the festival drew to a close.

Another glorious Glastonbury festival experience came to an end, and as we headed back to the tents at 9am on the Monday to pack our bags and make the return journey home to Manchester aboard the National 'Hogwarts' Express, the only thing we could bare to talk about was returning to Michael Eavis' hippie wonderland again next year.


Lyme Park - Winter 2013

So me and my housemates went to Lyme Park in December, and since then I've not really had chance to edit the footage. I forgot how nice this afternoon was, and how the low sun cast such lovely shadows. This was shot on a 550D, and the song used is You by Gold Panda!


Create Salford Festival 2014

Today I was excited to learn that my Northern Soul radio documentary 'New Century Soul' is to be featured at this years Create Salford Festival, which takes place at Media City UK between the 12-14 of June. You'll be able to hear my programme, amongst some of the other of this years featured material playing in The Sound Den across the weekend.

Here's a little bit about the festival from the organisers, and if you'd like to learn more please visit the website 'Create Salford Festival 2014'

"Create Salford 2014 is a showcase for the best creative work from the University of Salford’s School of Arts and Media students – with special input from our closest industry partners and friends. The festival runs from 12-14 June at MediaCityUK and the programme features original theatre productions, immersive visual arts exhibitions, daring fashion shows, debut film screenings and creative workshops."


Second Year Pre-recorded Radio: 'New Century Soul'

For my Pre-recorded Radio module, and as part of my second year of studying BA Television & Radio at Salford University, I was asked to produce a 10-12 minute radio programme on a subject of my choice. I had a few rough ideas - none of which I'd really pursued very far - but by chance, I happened to stay up late one night and catch a re-run of a BBC Culture Show special on Northern Soul, presented by the BBC's economics correspondent Paul Mason. In the documentary, Paul relived the good old days by returning to the Northern Soul 'scene' (shudder) 40 years on from the night the infamous Wigan Casino had shut down. I found it fascinating. A long lasting subculture built on unsuccessful underground black-American soul records with a loyal following, and events taking place around the country every weekend. I wanted to get involved and find out more.

From there I contacted Chris Waterman who runs the New Century Soul all-nighter events in Manchester, and he very kindly agreed to meet me and do an interview. From there, Chris lent me tonnes of Northern Soul books and DVD's, introduced me to some of the people who attend his event, and very kindly invited me along to one of his bi-monthly events.

The event was fantastic. It ran from 9pm until 7am the next day, and by the end of the night I was so tired I was almost delirious, but the music was great and the people were welcoming, so what more could you ask for?

Chris also put me in touch with Dave Molloy, who is not only extremely knowledgeable on Northern Soul, but is also an all round really nice bloke. He invited me to visit the site of the old Casino in Wigan, and made me feel welcome in a town I was unfamiliar with. Cheers Dave.

And on that note, I'd like to thank Chris, Dave, Calvin, Wulfie and the rest of the bunch at the New Century Soul all-nighter for being so kind and helpful and for their hospitality as well.

It was a great experience, and although I found it challenging at times, I feel like I've developed skills that I didn't have prior to this assignment. And, although I appreciate there are places in which I can improve, I'm extremely happy with the outcome of this project for my first attempt.